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Haengsung Electronic Co., Ltd.
133-6 Gyesu-dong Siheung-si Gyeonggi-do 429-130 Korea
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H. I. Kim , President

Haengsung Electronic Co., Ltd.

Glow Starter

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Glow Starter

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Republic of Korea


  • Work well at lower voltage level and in irregular power supply
  • Work immediately with T8 (26mm) slim 36W fluorescent tube
    (energy-saving tubes)


- Export

  • FS-U 4-65W 220-240V single
  • FS-U 4-80W 220-240V single
  • FS-4 30-40W 110-220V single
  • FS-2 10-20W 110-220V single
  • FS-2 4-22W 110-130V single
  • FS-2 4-22W 110-130V single, 220-240V series

- Domestic

  • Pin type base FG-4P
  • Pin type base FG-1P, FG-7P
  • Screw type base FG-1E, FG-7E

- Technology / certification: EN 55015, EN 60155 obtained

- Capless Glow Starter and pin base also available

Specification of Glow Starter

Type of starter


FS-U, FS-4

Power supply

100 volt

180 volt

In bright places

Below 8 sec.
at 94 volt.

Below 8 sec.
at 180 volt.

In bright places

Below 7 sec.
at 100 volt.

Below 7 sec.
at 200 volt.

In dark places

Below 10 sec.
at 100 volt.

Below 10 sec.
at 200 volt.

Pre-heating time

Above 0.5 sec.

Above 0.75 sec.

Starting voltage

94 volt.

180 volt.

Non-closure voltage

72 volt.

138 volt.

Pulse voltage

Above 800 volt.

Above 900 volt.

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Wirebulb, condenser, pinbase, plastic cap

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